About Captain Jake Whitfield – Florida’s Outdoor Adventures

Tampa Fishing GuideCapt Jake Whitfield is a 4th generation Florida native, and a second generation fishing guide. Jake grew up fishing and hunting the woods and water around him, he started mating for his dad as a kid and up until he was 18 and started his own charter business.

Jake is a seasoned fisherman despite his young age, he has experience that comes with time on the water and cannot be taught. As a 2 year old he caught his first slam, a time when the world still has dew on it for most toddlers. When he was 10 he landed his first tarpon.

In middle school Jake competed in competitive redfish tournaments with his dad with several top 10 finishes also winning the Tampa devision in the extreme redfish series. As a high school teen he continued competing in professional redfish tournaments with a friend that they also did well.

Capt Jake is a well versed fisherman in every aspect of inshore fishing, weather it’s skinny water tailing redfish on fly and artificial’s, tarpon in the passes or snook, trout, redfish or mackerel, he can get you on a hot bite!