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Born and raised in the Tampa area, Tim is a 3rd generation Floridian and cut his teeth fishing the creeks, ponds and lakes around Pasco County.

Taking what he learned from his Dad and Uncles, Tim began down a new path, and began fishing the salty flats of Charlotte harbor and Tampa Bay, and with a push by a couple of friends, Tim acquired his OUPV 6 PK and has since upgraded his license to include a towing endorsement a Master Upgrade.

Tim also writes for Onshore Offshore magazine, and has for the last 9 years. Tim has developed a unique style of writing and his stories can be seen each month in Onshore Offshore Magazine. Many of his stories are about trips with clients, family and close friends. Each year Tim has 4 to 6 featured articles along with 2 or 3 cover photos , all of clients.

Offering all kinds of trips: fly fishing, sight fishing, live bait, artificial, scalloping, sight seeing, Gasparilla invasion ,lighted Christmas parades, sunset cruises and even dolphin watching. Just ask!

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